22: Chasing Nostalgia: 2002 B2K, 2019 Jameka, and the Millennium Tour

Y'all- I went to the Millennium Tour (i.e. B2K Reunion Concert), and I woke up the morning after with REGRET! You have to listen to the podcast episode for the full recap and explanation, but the thoughts and realizations you'll hear go beyond just that.

How many of us know that sometimes we can get distracted or discontented with our circumstances and start wishing for something or someone in the past? The problem is, we often have tainted views of the past; skewed perception of the nostalgic moments we're pursuing. We have to be careful not to forsake who God has matured us into in favor of pursuing older versions of ourselves or circumstances. It's likely that the bad far outweighed the good, so we have to stay focused on the process of present day evolution instead of pursuing nostalgic moments that we may recall differently than they actually were.

Listen to the AUDIO, but here are some of the episode's highlights to spur your interest.


"Sometimes situations, friendships, jobs, relationships, etc. come to an abrupt ending. It will feel premature AND it may actually be. You have to trust that it was for a reason that's best for you, and be not try to pry open a door God has closed."

"Be careful about pursuing things God has shut down in the name of 'closure'"

"Your convictions aren't worth compromise. If you feel a prompting that something may not be the best for you, don't ignore it."

"If God warned you against something, and you don't take heed to the warning, you can go through with it, but He won't allow you to fully enjoy it like you would hope."

"Nostalgia is typically the highlight reel. We typically only remember things that were really great or really bad. That means, our memories are often fractured version of reality; a figment of our imagination. We have to think about that before we 'want that old thang back'"

"I was chasing the nostalgia and hype of that time period...
but that was probably the lowest time of my life."

"Sometimes we are chasing and in pursuit of things that don't actually exist."

"You can't go back in time, pursuing the time period and what was, back then, without separating who you were back then too. You can't want the musical experience without
 the memories that came from those experiences.
Don't just focus on the good. If you're going back, you have to take the bad too."

"Reuniting was more so for the hype, nostalgia, and money more so than artistry. Nostalgia is a business. Somebody needed money, and I gave it to them and compromised my convictions while doing it."

"When you are doing something that you know is not of God, it is like living life in a fog. Now that I am operating with security in who God has made me and called me to be, it is like the fog has lifted. So imagine having this clearness yet going back into the fog. That was me at the concert."

"I just wasn't aware of all the filth I willingly re-exposed myself to by being at the concert. I am just so far removed from what I once I embraced that I didn't realize how toxic everything was that I used to regularly consume."

"Ask yourself... 'What am I actually chasing after?' and 'Is it worth
what I have to sacrifice in order to get it?'"

"That music spoke to the me of the 2000's, not the Jameka of 2019."

"There are relationships that I prolonged getting healing from because I was clinging to the highlight reel and nostalgic memories, and forgetting the low moments."

"Where God is taking you in this life of continual progression is always greater than what's behind us. Where is God taking me and evolving me and how can I stay on that path instead of looking back?"

Moving Forward, Not Backward,

God, Help me understand and appreciate that You rescued me from something, so there's no need to be saddened that situation came to an end. Though I remember the few good times and feelings, ultimately, you rescued me from something where the bad far outweighed my good. Keep me aware of this each time I'm tempted to "go back to Egypt." I'm moving forward, not backwards.

Moving Forward- Joann Rosario or Jessica Reedy
I Won't Go Back- William McDowell