Surrender to the Season

Average reading length: 4-5 minutes   
NOTE: This is part 2 of a three-part post. Click for part 1

When we have yet to go through the process of grieving, the grief occupies a space that makes it harder to receive something else- something anew. That enables surrender.

To surrender is to have a posture, or position, of openness to receive.

A posture to hear something fresh.

A posture to see with fresh eyes.

Yes, it is much easier to fight this season. It is much easier to tell yourself this will be over soon.

But what if it won't?

What if there is something God needs to show you that you only have eyes to see in a season where your routines and comfort are no longer controlled by you?

I’m guilty of consuming all the memes and tweets drawing attention to the fact that we’re all uncomfortable and hate it here. But what’s dangerous, for me, is that I use that as an excuse to distract me from the fact that God has allowed this new normal, and He wastes nothing.

Our anxiety.

Our fear.

Our isolation.

Our blank social calendars.

Our canceled life achievements and milestones.

Our financial despair.

Our sickness.

Our global, national, and local chaos.

Our looming economic recession.

Our loss.

Our grief.

Our savings.

Our mental exhaustion.

He wastes nothing.
Pottery is an art form where a potter LITERALLY takes nothing and makes it into something. There are several Biblical passages describing God as a potter, and we, as His people, the clay. The potter is in control of the clay, shaping it and forming it to match the end result intended by the potter.

If I make the decision to resist by refusing to acknowledge what IS going on (a complete upheaval of our lives) and refuse to grieve what I thought would happen, it is quite possible that I will miss out on how God can use this situation to grow me in ways I never asked for or wanted but needed

Navigating this season requires choosing:
  1. Will I commit to fighting the changes, choosing instead to cling to what has given me comfort, even if it no longer exists or has to look different in this season?
  2. Will I commit to surrendering my control and comfort, scary as it is, to live in the moment, trusting that whatever I have to go through in this season, somehow has beauty on the other side?

Even though God allows us to go through seasons of grief and sorrow, we know that as Believers, the season does not last forever AND God never ceases to walk alongside us through it all.

You turned my lament into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, so that I can sing to you and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever. Psalm 30: 11-12

But rather than wake up every day wanting to fast forward to the end, how can we trust that beauty IS coming in the future and do something with the ashes in our hand right now in the present?

When we surrender our grip on things that we think we can control, we make space for God to grow something new in our life.

[Insert your grievances here]

I do not like being told to stay in my house all day.

I do not like "working from home."

I am grieved every time I hear someone close to me is navigating losing their or their spouses' job.

I do not like knowing that those around me losing loved ones won't even get to properly say goodbye at homegoing celebrations.

I do not like what God is revealing to me about my pride and privilege as I complain about #firstworldproblems.

Yet, here we are.

This is the season God has chosen to allow us to be in. It has purpose. It somehow fits in a plan that He will use for our good, for us to know Him more deeply, and for Him to be glorified.

While I am fully aware of the reality of what is going on, I am finding comfort in faith. I recently read a paraphrase of Hebrews 11:1 that says this:

Faith is having confidence in the trustworthiness of God's character to know that the things I am hoping for that are not yet seen will actually come to pass.

I see the reality of what is going on, AND I have so much confidence in God's character because I know He is trustworthy as a result of my relationship with Him.

For that reason, I have hope. Hope that though there are things I have to navigate that I do not want to and that will cost me something, He somehow will redeem it for good, this season will not last, and somehow there are better days ahead.

REMINDER: Here’s what I’m not saying: 

  • Your feelings and losses aren't valid.
  • Rush yourself and your process.
  • If you’re bingeing or sitting on the couch, you need to get up. 
  • Surrender so you can be productive.
  • Grief and surrender are mutually exclusive.
  • Surrendering means you come out on the other side without having endured darkness.