What Should I Be Doing In This Season?

NOTE: This is part 3 of a three-part post. Click for part 1 and part 2

Hands up if you've found yourself asking, "What Should I Be Doing In This Season?" The answer is something. Here are 4 nuggets that I recently gathered from Luke 19: 11-16 (CSB) after asking God this same question in my Bible study time.

1. Be careful delaying obedience because you think you have more time.

The audience of this parable thought the kingdom of God would come immediately, and they would no longer be under Roman oppression. Jesus told this parable to help them understand their perception of time did not free them having to steward, or manage, their time wisely.

This doesn't mean go write a book or start a business or something extravagant, but if God told you to do something before the pandemic, should you stop now?

On March 1 (pre-pandemic), God knew a pandemic was coming and yet still instructed you to ______.

Pre-pandemic, God instructed me to slow down and focus my efforts on writing my dissertation. Once everything shut down mid-March, I decided there was no point to do anything because we would be on lockdown forever, and I didn't see the point of working hard when I had nothing but time. Meanwhile, God reminded me, "The expectation still stands, pandemic or no pandemic."

2. During this time, there still is an expectation to do something with what God has given you.
In verse 13 (CSB), the master after giving his servants money, he tells the servants, "Engage in business until I come back." There was an expectation for the servants to utilize what they'd been given while they awaited the man to return. If you search the scriptures, you'll find that obedience was expected in times of calm AND chaos. Some of scriptures' greatest miracles occurred during national and global disasters. As Christians, we have been given gifts from God that He desires we use to build His kingdom until He returns. God has gifted you. The use of your gifts, in this season, may look different, but there's an expectation to use your gift until God comes back. That includes now in a pandemic.

Your gift of music can still be used during this time.

Your gift of writing can still be used during this time.

Your gift of comedic relief and optimism can still be used during this time.

Your gift of being emotionally intuitive to sit with people in hard times can still be used during this time.

Your gift of teaching.

Your calling to parent.

Whatever your gifting, callings, or responsibilities are, they all can be used during this season.

3. There is provision for each of us to do something different with the same time God is giving us.
Each servant received 10 minas. A minas was a coin worth about a hundred day's wages.

  • 1 servant took his ten minas and doubled his earnings. He received a blessing and increase because of it.
  • Another servant took his ten minas and made five more. He ALSO received a blessing and increase because of it.
Both received a blessing even though their output was different. We do not have to ALL do the same amount of work in this season. There is no competition; only a perpetual expectation of doing work with what God has given you.

Some of us have varying circumstances and resources that may enable or disable the amount of progress.There isn't competition when it comes to obeying God. I think what's notable here is that BOTH servants who went and DID something were blessed.

God knows our circumstances, and instructs us based on His expectations for us as His individual children. Before the pandemic, God actually told me to REST: to SLOW DOWN, while I know other people who God told to amp up projects they were working on.

I think it's less about HOW MUCH you are producing, as much as ARE YOU using time to obey HIs instructions for you whether in a pandemic or not. The amount of work or what you're working on may vary, but are you being obedient to His expectation for you in this season? 

4. Be careful how you justify lack of obedience and stewardship.
I repeat... God knows our circumstances. People are being caught by surprise from canceled events, loss of jobs, death, anxiety, depression, uncertainty for the future, and more. *raises hand*

There's a difference between:

  • "God, just being honest... This caught me offguard, and I need to pause for a minute"
  • "God, what are you doing? Why am I going to even attempt to do anything now? I'm done."

In verses 20-25, 1 servant who was given the same ten minas as the others approaches his Master like, "Here's what you gave me- untouched. I heard your expectation to do something with it, and I was too afraid... so I didn't. You can have it back."

The servant heard from the Master, and allowed circumstances and his own overthinking to convince him to do nothing. The thing is, there wasn't an expectation for him to do the same as the servant who doubled his minas. The expectation was to just be obedient out of an awareness that the Master expects you to use what he's given you.

I am guilty of trying to be so in control that I convince myself to do nothing. "God, there is a crisis going on. Surely you understand that I cannot work on my dissertation. The whole world is shut down, so it's fine if I shut down too." While I think I needed a moment to just sit and process, I was fully willing to do NOTHING until things opened back up. I even told my dissertation chair I'd just graduate later. *face palm* Then the Lord led me to this scripture, and I've tried to re-assess.

Romans 8:28 says, "We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose."

I do not know why God allowed a pandemic and global crisis to come at this time.

     I do not know why God has allowed all of us to be forced inside our homes for WEEKS.

           I do know why God has allowed sickness and death to be a by-product of this crisis.

and the list can go on and on.

I also know me speculating why God is allowing things and what He's up to is not as helpful. I am not God. I cannot change things, but I do have to give an account for how I use the time He has given me, including now.

Even though we don't know what He's doing, as believers who love God [which is demonstrated in obedient actions], we can trust that on the other side, in hindsight, we will see "OH WOW! LOOK AT HOW GOD USED THAT CRISIS." 

The question is:

What will you have to show for it? 

If RIGHT as outside opens back up, God stopped you and said, "OK- how did you continue using the gifts I gave you during this season?" what would you say? 

Which servant will you be?