Steps For Overcoming Insecurity

This issue of insecurity weighs so heavily on me... People underestimate the power of insecurities. Walking in your securities will lead you down a path of destruction, seeking wholeness because you've been convinced that wholeness can exist outside of the completeness in which God has created you. On this pointless journey to find yourself, you'll find everything that you're NOT meant to be, all while being pressured by others to be something you're not. DON'T DO IT! Win the battle of insecurity.


That day was literally RIGHT after I wrote this post: "My Comfort Zone: To Exit or To Wallow". So my heart and emotions were already feeling tender, and the message by Pastor Toure just gave me confirmation to a lot of what God had given me already. Update: My other BFF in my Head, "Heather Lindsey", just posted a quote about insecurity, and said she's writing a blog about insecurity. MORE confirmation.

Pastor Toure has been preaching a series on love, so in this 2nd message, he was talking about how we have love in God, but as Christians, we don't always understand that we have love in God, so we seek it in other places... We wallow in our insecurities which, in turn, push us to do things contrary to what God desires because of our wrongful search of love in other places. Oftentimes, we end up operating in our insecurities.  So I have to ask, how is insecurity affecting your life?

I don't know about you, but it completely wrecked me. Here are some of the points that stood out (I took 3 pages of notes lol) from Pastor Toure's message...

  • Insecurity- evidence that a negative or untrue thought exists in a person's mind; a prognosis that something in you is misaligned
  • Without walking in the security of God, you'll always be investing in nothing.
  • If you're feeling insecure, you're going to be scrambling for security.
  • Not being secure will make you desperate.
  • Lack of security cause you to do stupid stuff
  • 1: John 4:17- Our love is made perfect in Him... We are His!
  • Love has to mature you and be made perfect in you. Say it and mean it. Walk in the consciousness that you are loved, because you are!
  • Through the love of God, there's no fear. Fear dissipates when it comes to the love of God.
  • Everything we do is either out of fear or out of love.
  • Fear always brings you down to less than you and less than what you want to be.
  • The more faith-based decisions you make... The less fear-based decisions that you make
  • Fear and insecurity reveals your immaturity in the love of God.
  • Fear yields insecurity. The love of God casts outs fear and should make you secure.
  • The remedy to insecurity: affirm yourself in love. In that particular moment, you have an incorrect view of God's love for you, otherwise you'd be confident and secure in the you.
  • Acknowledge when you're insecure. Determine the lie inside of you by being self-aware and pray for it to be revealed. Every insecure feeling is connected to a thought. Shut down the thought, disconnect the insecurity.

Overcoming Fear and Insecurity
  1. Ask yourself: "How Do I Feel?"
    Write it down using, "I feel...."
  2. Ask yourself: "What am I thinking that makes me feeling this way?"
    Take inventory of your inside thoughts.
  3. Write down the truth. Search the scriptures. What has God already said about that topic?
    Expose the lie that makes you feel insecure
Security makes humility available, whereas fear brings pride and insecurity.

Choosing Security Over Insecurity,

Dear God, Thank you for security in You. You love us, and even though we don't deserve it, You still love freely. We have completeness in you, so we have no need for insecurities. Help us to realize that insecurity is an attack from Satan, and guard against insecurities by resting in you. We are made perfect through You, God. Thank you for loving us! In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.