Persecution and Pain Don't Stop Your Promotion

I recently read through the book of Genesis and was so touched by the story of Joseph! I have read it many times, and of course, it's a story that's taught in Sunday Schools annually, but sometimes the more you read something, the deeper you understand it.

I just wanted to share some of the things that stood out to me during my devotional time...

The importance of  integrity and compassion. Joseph was/is known for being a very compassionate and honest man. He was truthful, even at times when it would hurt him to do so. Joseph was sold into slavery but his work ethic and testimony caused him to be promoted. How do your reactions to situations and persecution cause you to react? Even when tempted with lust and fornication by Potiphar's wife, Joseph remained unmoved and unshakeable, even if it landed him in jail. Later, in chapter 43, when the same brothers that sold him into slavery came expressing that they had no food left and were starving because of the famine, Joseph had compassion and remained sensitive to the needs of his family, despite the wrong they had done to him. Joseph didn't hold grudges even though he had every right to! Gosh, that's so unlike me! LOL

Everyone won't be receptive of your gift- Joseph's gift of interpreting dreams was not received by all of those around him. When Joseph shared his dream about ruling over his brothers, they did not want to hear it. In fact, they then conspired to do wrong to him because of their jealousy and envy. Everyone won't accept or understand what God tells you, but you can't allow that to deter you from being obedient to Him and operating in/using your gift. What God has for you, is for you.

Joseph's brothers' harbored hatred despite Joseph's good intentions. Sometimes people's persecution has nothing to do with what you've done and everything to do with their own personal problems. You have no control over people and their feelings... you just don't. You may not understand why they react the way they do, but just know that every reaction is caused by something. You have to let people deal with their own problems and not let it deter you from doing right. The Bible verse that my preschool class worked on today was Deuteronomy 6:18a, "Dthat which is right and good in the sight of the LORD". You can't allow your feelings and actions to be dependent on those of others. You have to endure and keep believing what God has already called you to. Even in the midst of captivity and wrongdoing, God was with Joseph and prospered him. This is the same with us. Even in hard times, God is with us, even in the midst of wrongful persecution. Joseph was promoted and people saw God in him.

We are blessed to be a blessing to others. God blessed the Egyptians' house because of Joseph. Do you cause God to bless others because of your faithfulness? (Chap. 39: 5) Through Joseph's gift of interpreting dreams and leadership, he was also able to prepare for the 7 years of famine by storing up food, saving both Egypt and the children of Israel.

Sometimes you will be wrongfully persecuted- shrug! Potiphar's wife was upset that Joseph resisted her and she lied on him, causing him to wrongfully be sent to jail. Sometimes, people will be angry and retaliate when we refuse to give in to them and do wrong. Justice will prevail, but it may not be in the way that you think. Joseph was elevated to leadership in Egypt, but he still spent time in jail from this incident. He was still faithful to God through the persecution, as we should be. Despite his wrongful persecution, God was 1) with Joseph, 2) showed him mercy, and 3) gave him favor.Whatever Joseph did in jail, God allowed to prosper. Remain obedient to God even in the midst of wrong. 

Patience is rewarded. God's exaltation of you is far greater than anything that you can do. Joseph's entire life showed his patience. Joseph was the most favored son of Jacob. He didn't deserve to be enslaved and in prison, especially because none of it was warranted. Even in jail when he interpreted the dreams of the butler and baker and asks them to remember him when they are freed, they forgot him. They both escaped prison (though it meant death for the baker) and never looked back to help save Joseph. God still remained faithful to Joseph, as Joseph remained patiently faithful to Him. Be patient in God's leading and moving, even when you can't see it and there are no signs of an end. He rewards patience. Later, when Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams, Pharaoh immediately recognized the hand of God on Joseph's life (Chap. 41: 38). He then made Joseph ruler over all of Egypt, despite him being a Hebrew. Do you realize how unlikely that was? To be a Hebrew, yet ruler of Egypt? That's the God we serve! He rewards patience like no other and does the seemingly impossible! When we abide in Him, nothing disallows us from reaching the great heights He can take us to! Hallelujah!

Preservation of others through Joseph. I love verse 5 in chapter 45. "...for God did send me before you to preserve life." WOW! Joseph was so purpose filled. He knew that God had ordained all that he had gone through for "such a time as this". God allowed him to go through what he went through to save so many others. Our lives are so much greater than just US! We have to die to self and just... get over ourselves. We can't afford to be self-centered. Maybe your wrongful persecution is to help preserve someone else. Think about what the story of Joseph would have been like if one of those situations of wrong didn't happen. What if he had never been enslaved? What if he had never been promoted to working with Potiphar? What if he had never been imprisoned and interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh's butler and chief baker? Everything was a step towards preservation of his family. Verse 7 says, "And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance." There is absolutely NO TIME for bitterness and grieving. God has called us to be the catalyst of someone's deliverance and preservation.  Pharaoh then granted Joseph's family the best of the best land in Egypt. Joseph nourished his family in spite of all that happened.

I love how the story of Joseph ends in chapter 50. Verse 20, "But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive". Wow! There WILL be people out there who mean evil for you; I'm a witness! They will persecute you! They will lie on you! They will sell you out! They will wrongfully imprison you in some way! BUT, what they mean for evil, God means for good! THAT'S the God we serve! He can turn it! Trust Him! Follow Him!

In Amazement Of How God Works, 

Dear God, How awesome You are! Thank you for the awesome example of goodness and resilience through Joseph! God, I just bless You and praise You for who You are. I'm more in awe of You each day that I learn and study You. Help us be patient and compassionate and purpose filled, like Joseph. Help us to get over ourselves and realize that the pain that we may fill now has purpose! You could be using us to save those around us. Help us not give in or be weary. Strengthen us as You work. Amen.