Miracle, Mystery Baby

SO to make a long story still long, one of my closest friends was due to give birth to a baby  boy this,  week, but we didn't find out the baby was coming immediately, so for the last 2 weeks, my sister and I have been spending a lot of time with our friend to get everything ready for the baby, including being in the hospital with her as she gave birth this week. Such an exciting life adventure!

In addition, I've always done a lot on my team at work which ties me down. I've been praying fervently about being released from some of my responsibilities to free me up to do more than schoolwork all the time.

[Still trying to get to the point here lol]
My friend went in to labor on Sunday. I figured everything was going to be quick and easy, so that I could get back home to do all of my work to prepare for school on Monday. I really was hoping for a day off of school because I was so behind on my devotions (the amount of daily reading required to read the Bible in a year... overwhelming!), but there was no snow in sight.

Come to find out, my friend didn't end up having her baby until Tuesday. We spent Sunday-Tuesday in the hospital. No snow came, BUT, I ended up calling out of work so I did have Monday off. Since the baby didn't come, I got to catch up on all of my devotions peacefully with no obligations. We sat in the waiting room reading the Bible and praying. WOW! It was just so great and peaceful. I didn't foresee any of that happening, but God just worked that ALL the way out.

We prayed my friend would have her baby NLT 5:00am on Tuesday because my sister and I both needed to go to work. Literally, at 5:05 as we prepared to leave, disheartened that we hadn't seen our friend or the baby, we were told that we could go see the baby and mommy before they transported her to the next room :) I even got to hold the baby! I don't even like babies, but this little guy... YES!- we clicked lol.

I knew going to work was going to be a struggle though... I believe in sleep lol and I'm not a morning person. Out of nowhere, God sent some freezing rain and snow, and there was a 2 hour delay to school. Both me and my sister both were able to go in to work late without penalty, so we did get to rest.

I went to work this morning so OVERJOYED! Like, God just WORKS! So often we try to limit Him in how we feel He should answer our prayers, but He just completely showed up and showed out, and put me in my place! You just can't tell me that God doesn't exist or that everything in life happens by happenstance. I love to be able to look back and see how God worked out a situation when we had no idea how He was going to do it.


Standing In Amazement,

Dear God, You are just so good and so awesome! I'm in awe of You and the magnitude of Your works! Help me to stop limiting You in my prayers. Help me to pray and wait with expectation to see how You will show up and show out. You're awesome! Help me to never cease praising You and thanking You for what You do in my life!

 Hezekiah Walker- So Amazing
J.J. Hairston & Karen Clark Sheard- Awe Of You