Dear God: You Don't Speak to Me Anymore

 Ever hear people say, “God said to me…” or “The Holy Spirit said…”? Ever have a season where you couldn’t say this because you weren’t getting any guidance or support from God?

What’s the Lie? What’s the Truth?
God is always communicating with us, and He communicates with us in different ways.

Elizabeth George says God speaks through the 4 C’s:

    1. C-ommands from the Word of God
    2. C-ompetent and wise counselors (including godly community and friendships with believers)
    3. C-ircumstances and changing conditions
    4. C-onscience aided by the Holy Spirit

Here’s what I know: if we are unable to hear God’s direction and communication with us, it’s not that He’s not talking. God created us to be in relationship with Him. That requires communication. In 1 Kings 19:11-13, Elijah, a prophet, was in distress and seeking guidance from God. An earthquake, mighty wind, and a fire all came, but God wasn’t speaking through them. His voice came in a soft whisper (verse 12). Everything before that was to get Elijah’s attention, but Elijah had to shift his focus from the big things to hearing God in a still, small voice.

Many of us are too busy to hear God’s voice. God will not compete with everything else that has our attention. When He speaks, He wants us in position to hear, and that often means isolation. When we are isolated, distractions have been removed, and we’re more willing to stop and listen. Elijah was alone in 1 Kings 19. When God spoke to Abraham in Genesis 12, he was separated from his family. God first spoke to Moses when he was alone, shepherding in the wilderness, away from family and life in Egypt. Jesus often pulled the disciples away from the crowds to teach them.

What am I saying? How are you removing distractions around you so that you can hear from God clearly? Sometimes I try to read my Bible when I’m out and about, and it never feels as beneficial as it does when I am alone in my room reading. My prayer time is never as strong as it can be if I’m receiving notifications simultaneously on my phone.

Feeling like God is saying nothing to you? Can’t hear Him encouraging you and directing you? Try removing some distractions. God often speaks in a small whisper, and He won’t compete with all the loudness around you that drowns Him out. It’s your job to do the work to hear.

Moving Forward:

  • Reflect: What might you be consuming that is drowning out your ability to hear God clearly? What might be distracting you from hearing or sensing God’s nearness?
  • Read John 10:27-28, Hebrews 4:12, and/or 1 Kings 19. Journal your thoughts.
  • Rest. Clear your mind by setting aside intentional time to rest from all that you intake that serves as distractions. Try a social media fast, fasting from food, a weekend or night away from home, daily meditation time, etc. Schedule this time on a recurring basis
  • Re-evaluate. What are you taking in or doing regularly that needs adjustments? Revise your priorities and write down what is actually worth your focus. Unfollow social media accounts that may hinder you from focusing on what God has for you. Evaluate those in your friend circle who you’re allowing to impact you. Are they wise counselors that help you hear from God or does their counsel lead you away from hearing Him?

Listening More Intently,

Dear God, We love you, and we need you. We're so easily distracted, and in the midst of all the things, we lessen our grip on our relationship with you.  Before we know you, we're distant and can't hear your voice. When we start to become consumed by all the noise around us, bring us back to You. Quiet the noise so that we can hear from You so clearly. We need You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

I Hear You Say- Joann Rosario
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