Dear God: I Can't Focus On You

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It’s no secret here- I struggle with sustaining my focus. My well-intentioned desires to get things done often resorts in me drifting so far away from God. It’s never intentional, but when I get on the grind and my to do list is going, I lose focus on God.

What’s the Lie? What’s the Truth?
Just like previous posts, we’re typically the problem. Nothing’s wrong with us or our ability to focus, we just get in seasons when we’re so distracted that we forget to make the main thing (Jesus) the main thing.

In Luke 10:38-42, sisters Martha and Mary are in anticipation of Jesus coming to their home. I’m sure, like me, Martha had a to do list of things that had to be done for the house to be presentable for Jesus. Jesus arrives, yet she doesn’t stop cleaning. She stays caught up in the busyness of tasks and loses focus on being in the presence of Jesus. Her heart was in the right place, but her focus wasn’t.

There’s never been a time when I read this scripture and felt I was Mary. And that’s a problem. I undoubtedly am Martha in most seasons; forfeiting focus on Jesus and his presence to accomplish what’s on my self-created, not prayed over to do list. What about you? Is what you’re focusing on causing you to miss the presence of Jesus?

Moving Forward:
  • Revise. If you find yourself exhausted and burned out doing things for God, ask yourself if you’ve lost sight of His presence. Martha was cleaning her house FOR JESUS. She just didn’t stop even when he came near. You can be accomplishing tasks with the right intent, Jesus, yet become so busy that you miss out on spending time with him which should be the whole point for what you’re doing. Our actions are what we get to do, as a result of God-given purpose, to point others to Him. What good is it to accomplish something and it not meet its intended purpose?

  • Re-prioritize. Heather Lindsey often shares how she makes her to do lists for the day during her morning prayer time and then prays that the Holy Spirit leads her towards what He actually desires she do that day. That’s so powerful.

  • Schedule check ins and/or get accountability. I have the tendency to make adjustments to my busyness, get back on track, and then return to the same place of overexertion within 2 months. Something I want to try is setting monthly reminders for myself to check in and see where my focus is. I will probably seek an accountability partner. I cannot afford to be busy while simultaneously losing sight of Christ. I want to be Mary.

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Dear God, We love you, and we need you, yet so often we get distracted by what we want to achieve on Earth. Refocus us and help us realize none of what we achieve matters if we do it oblivious to your presence. If we accomplish something by our own might and not through your Spirit, what good is it? Help us evaluate what we have put on our plate and re-prioritize if we are missing the opportunity to sit in your presence. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

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