Becoming More Christ-Like Through the Fruit of the Spirit (STUDY)

I'm so excited about this resource I created with my friend, Ashley. I LOVE a nice, practical study journal, and when tasked with teaching a small group with other young adult Christian women, I sensed the Holy Spirit instruct me to teach Fruit of the Spirit.

After polling everyone in the group, I got the idea to create a study journal to support everyone in practical application, and not just accumulation of Bible facts and spiritual quotes. What's funny is I have been praying for confirmation and support to write devotionals for THE LONGEST.

I want to invite you to join in on the study. Don't just be a HEAR; be a DOER. Print the study journal off and use it in your devotional time. (Click the download link)

Listen to the podcast episodes, take notes, reflect on the scriptures, and then engage on Instagram using the hashtag #FOTSstudy.