Know Your Why's: Why I Feel Called to Blog

Wow! I'm so excited to embark on this new journey with the Internet today! I've dibbled and dabbled with blog writing before (cc:, and I attempted to create a blog to share all the wonderful things (at least I think they're wonderful lol) I've done and gleamed from being a teacher. BUT, with all that goes on in life, I just either outgrew the blog or couldn't manage it.

So now you're probably  asking, "Exactly why are you starting a blog now, Jameka?" HAH! The same question in my mind and has been for some time now. The difference here is that I sincerely feel know that God has put this particular blog and its content on my heart. I've thought of writing a blog showcasing my personal testimony and journey through Christian-dom, for some time, BUT, my own personal fears and nervousness had me continuously saying, "God? Are you sure? I don't think so. Who's going to read it? I am a closet nerd with somewhat of a boring life don't have time to invest in it." But this wasn't out of wisdom, it was out of fear!

You see, when God is truly calling you to something, He calls you out of your comfort zone. That's how our faith grows through Him. When we remain in an area of comfort, our growth plateaus and stays stagnant. To truly grow and be led to exactly what God has for you, you must allow yourself to be pushed to grow. So here I am. On the edge of a cliff, preparing to jump, in hopes of flying. Neglecting to think of the negative "what ifs", and dwell on the positive "what ifs".

Instead of "God, what if no one reads what I have to say?", I'm heeding to His response of, "Jameka, what if just ONE person reads it and the words you write, through My leading, change their life?"

Instead of "God, my life has been downright disgusting SHAMEFUL, willfully I might add. I'm not ready to be transparent. I have things that I'm still weeding out of my life. Can I have some more time?", I'm heading to His leading from Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make direct your paths.".

When we truly think of our wrong and our shame, when are we TRULY TRULY read to share it? God has brought me out of so much; I'm so far removed from my past, it literally makes me cringe when He brings it to my remembrance, but truth be told, if I'm so far removed and He truly has changed me, why cant I share it, in hopes of being an encouragement to someone else or even a WARNING to someone that they don't have to live through what I lived through?

*deep inhale* So here we go. I'm jumping and I'm ready to fly! I literally was just taking a good ol' nap (nevermind the fact that I just woke up at 12:30pm and was back down for a nap at 2:30 lol!) and God woke me up from my nearing REM sleep to put this blog on my heart. I was like, "God? Really? Can I just sleep please? I still am not ready for a blog."

But the urgent feeling wouldn't go away. God counteracted every excuse I came up with. Isn't that just like God? For every excuse, He has an answer. WOW!  I said, "God, what about viewers? What about the time it takes to blog? What if people know my story?" and He gave me answers for everything, but He brought this verse to me and it completely shut my excuses down. Hence, why I'm typing and you're reading this at this time lol.

"I have planted, Apollos water; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth: but God that giveth the increase." 1 Corinthians 3: 7-8, KJV

When God tells you to do something, be obedient. PLANT! WATER! He will give the increase. When you plant a seed and water it, you can't immediately see the growth (Trust me, I have planted many-a seeds in my class lol), but you just trust that SOMETHING will happen. Never knowing exactly to what extent and for what duration, but when you plant, it's not up to you to worry about what happens. In faith and expectancy, you plant, and what fruit may come, you just know that you will continue to take care of it to further it's growth.

So here's to applying that principle to this blog; my leap of faith! Folks, I'm so excited to share and watch God grow this thing! I hope you'll stick around! Bring a friend! Comment! Let's enjoy it and grow together!

Giving God The Glory,

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Lord, thank you! Thank you for your vision and your encouragement to take this leap of faith! How amazing you are Lord, that you can take our broken messes and use them for Your glory! Lord, I play that you'll bless this ministry for your complete glory. Help me to die to my own will for this blog and remain sensitive to Your purpose and leading for it. I pray that you'll bring people to read it and that you'll use me to encourage them to be what You call them to be. I pray that you'll build a fortress around this space and protect it from any wrong or evil. Create a community of believers who can come together, broken and healing, to encourage each other and go out in this world and be life changers. Thank you for what you're doing and what you will do! Amen!