UNFOLLOWING in a Season of Faith-Building

In the midst of a season when God has specifically called you to do something that requires a huge amount of faith, be incredibly sensitive to what you allow to influence you, especially social media. Guard what you expose yourself to. Guard who you allow to advise you.

This is what I'm learning.

God has the unmatched ability to make crossable paths out of uncrossable areas. He can accelerate the timing of situations that we thought would never come to pass, but it all requires faith. And faith requires a certain amount of discretion and separation to really understand what God is trying to teach you.

  • Season of faith- An unspecified time when God takes us from point A to point B through a process intended to mature us and become completely dependent on Him
  • Unfollow (for the sake of this post)- 1) stop having access to and/or refrain from viewing a person's posts on social media 2) temporarily or permanently removing the influence of certain relationships 

Walking by faith doesn't make sense. It it makes sense to you, it ain't faith. Check the countless examples in the Bible. The times when God did incomprehensible miracles, He defied human logic to do so.

Should it be possible to:
  • Walk through a sea on dry land? (Exodus 13-14)
  • Be led by a cloud and fire? (Exodus 13)
  • Shout and walls come down as a military strategy in battle? (Joshua 6)
  • Have the sun stand still and moon cease to rise? (Joshua 10)
  • Slay a giant with a slingshot and stones? (1 Samuel 17)
  • Win a battle without ever fighting? (2 Chronicles 20)
  • Walk out of a fiery furnace that killed the guards who put you in? (Daniel 3)
  • Be swallowed by a whale, only to be returned to dry land alive and unharmed? (Jonah 1-4)
No, yet God did all of these things and more, but think about the people he used in these situations. They weren't superhuman. They were human just like you and me.

Find situations in the Bible when God did supernatural, logic defying miracles. Turn the pages to see what the character(s) was doing  prior and oftentimes you'll see a season of separation and isolation. They couldn't afford to be around any and everybody.
  • Moses spent time in Midian isolated from the children of Israel. That's where God communicated that Moses would lead God's people out of Egypt.
  • Before the Battle of Jericho, God was highy communicative and specfic with Joshua. God gave directions directly to Joshua.
  • David was left out from activities with his brothers because of his age and size. He often spent time alone protecting sheep and fighting off predators before he defeated Goliath.
  • In Genesis 22, God tested Abraham by telling him to sacrifice his only son. Abraham only took his son and two young men with him. When he reached a certain point, he told the two young men to stay so he could have privacy to do what God instructed.
So what does this have to do with unfollowing?

Faith defies logic and reason. Walking by faith is more than you're capable of doing on your own; it requires God. This is why you have to:

1) Guard WHAT you expose yourself to
When God is maturing you in a season of faith, you will be incredibly vulnerable and sensitive because He's taking you through a process to accomplish something bigger than you. You may encounter tests and hardships without seeing immediate fruit. These moments are what cause you to question if you're on the right path or if you even heard from God. You'll have days when you're desperately hoping to receive confirmation that you're near the end of the test because you're overwhelmed by the heaviness of the process. This yearning makes you susceptible to attacks from the enemy that can get you off track.

Ever logged on to Instagram and someone has posted something that you think speaks exactly to how you're feeling? *raises hand* I've had days where I pray to God and then log on to IG hoping that what I just said is confirmed through something someone posted. I used to tell my friends that God speaks to me through my IG followers. While I don't doubt that God can use social media to encourage and confirm, I've come to realize that the devil can use this against us. Think about Eve in Genesis 3.She had directions from God about what to eat in the garden, but she began to doubt God's reasoning and that vulnerability allowed the serpent to trick her.

Learn to discern the intentions of the messengers of posts on social media. Check the fruit. Are they really spirit-filled? The devil knows scripture too. Some people will only post certain themes or topics. If Sis or Bruh post scripture then turn around posting vulgar pictures or posts,it's time to unfollow. God won't use unholy and unpure means to communicate holy messages to you.

 I've learned to prioritize what God has told me over IG posts or anything else that I think is confirming what He's told me. I've had times where I know God confirmed something to me in my Bible reading and my IG said the complete opposite. That's when I really learned to guard against some of the things on social media and learning not to look to it to confirm what God tells me. He is not the author of confusion. If someone you follow on social media constantly posts messages that contradict what God told you, discourage you, or cause you to question what God said, simply hit unfollow. Don't let the enemy subtly sow seeds in your mind or heart that make you walk away from the process of faith-building God has told you to endure.

2) Guard WHO you allow to advise you 
Sometimes powerhouses in the Bible had a friend to encourage them in the process. Oftentimes, however, it was just them and God. Typically, those they turned to were spiritual and like-minded in faith.When God is taking you through a season of relying on Him, you CANNOT allow any and everyone to advise you. Are you equally yoked in your friendships?

Why? Because God told YOU what He would accomplish, not them. Remember- faith defies logic. People who aren't spiritually minded or mature won't understand. Some people may be spiritually minded but because they didn't hear what God told you to do,they can unintentionally plant seeds in you that cause doubt and questioning. Think about the game Telephone. The person who heard directly from the primary messenger (you) has the exact message versus the 3rd or 4th person who has the passed down message, and is typically confused about what was originally said.

A few months ago, God placed me in a situation that was exactly what He had communicated to me the week prior. I was so excited that I literally went through my contact list and told everyone LOL. Biggest mistake EVER. I would communicate what God said to me to people, and they'd say, "Uh, slow down. Are you sure? Maybe you misunderstood?" This caused me to be confused and unstable. When I prayed to God, I sensed Him saying, "What I call you to do by faith isn't for everyone to know." I prayed that God would help me discern who to turn to encourage me when I was discouraged, and He did just that. Time and time again, when I doubt and stumble, God uses this person to push me forward when I'm ready to give up because I can't see what God is doing. I know that they are the right counsel because literally every time I'm struggling and looking for someone to confirm that it's okay to give up, they text me and say the opposite.

The people in your circle most likely want the best for you, but from their human perspective, that may not always align with what God has told you to do. Don't let good intentioned friends' advice trump what God has told you to do. For this season (or for good), you may have to metaphorically unfollow them by disallowing them to know every move you're making. Discern who, if anyone, God has called to journey through this season of faith with you.

Walking by faith is such a humbling journey. It's humbling to think that God intentionally uses us to accomplish His plans on Earth. We have to understand that this automatically makes us susceptible to attacks. From the moment that God places you in a season of faith, you have to have your game face on. Know yourself. Know when it's time to take a break from social media, unfollow certain accounts, remove yourself from the influences of certain relationships, etc. You cannot afford to get off the path God has placed you on.

Doing the Heisman on Distractions,

Dear God, Thank you for being You. You are such an intentional God and Your ways are so much higher than ours. Help us to surrender to what You call us to, by walking by faith. Help us to understand that faith-building is a process. We can't approach it lightly. Let us realize that there are attacks, typically subtle, to knock us off our path. Help us understand the times we are in states of vulnerability and guard against what might make us give up. When we're weak, You strengthen us. We can't do this on our own, and thank God we don't have to. Give us the strength and discernment to cling to You unwaveringly, so that we can accomplish what You're trying to lead us to. Thank you for the journey. Thank you for Your leading. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

King of Glory- Todd Dulaney ft. Shana Wilson